What is VELUX and the Newest Innovations in Solar Powered Skylight Technology?


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VELUX® Canada Inc. is a world leader manufacturer of skylight innovation and technology. The company surpassed with their newest innovation in solar powered skylight technology with  a ‘Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight’. These panels are eons away from the, what seems to be now ancient, the plastic domes – as once popular in the 1990s. The company’s new product line is taking residential and commercial skylights to new courses, leaving competitors behind.




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How They Work?


The skylights are fully solar energy driven. They open in appropriate weather conditions to provide optional home ventilation, and the ‘rain sensor’ activates as weather conditions change and panels close when required. The existing solar panels work with indirect sunlight in variable weather conditions with a full panel benefit achievement. The benefits of the solar energy generation result in a wireless system which eliminates complex installation procedures and reduce installation fees; as well, electricity conservation.


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Additional Features:


Additional features, for accessibility, include remote controlled skylight operation for open and close manoeuvre; and remote controlled blinds operation. A selection of trendy, factory installed sun screening accessories, complimenting any décor, while controlling light and heat emissions is available, benefiting from a single, preprogramed remote control synchronizing simultaneous actions. Blinds can additionally be purchased after skylight installations which are pre designed for a quick and simple mount action. Insect screens are also available for a complete set.


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The Technology


A true technological advancement exists in the development of a sophisticated solar automated system composed of four major counterparts, and synchronized with the results of a fully solar operated skylight. Within the system, the ‘solar panel’ acquires and utilizes solar energy for battery recharge; the ‘battery powered operator’, or the ‘power source’, functions for opening and closing manoeuvre of the panels; the ‘rain sensor’ recognizes unstable weather conditions and automates the panels to close within seconds; the ‘control panel’, the ‘brain’ of the system, synchronizes and automates all counterparts for proper function. A technological innovation is a sophisticated laminate coating on the inner glass panes, eliminating possibility of glass shatterand protecting the home from excessive heat and heat loss ensuring comfort all year round.


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Maintenance of the skylights is straightforward as for any window cleaning process. Skylights should not be cleaned during the hottest part of the day or while in direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight will dehydrate soap solutions leaving residue on the inner pane. Water with mild soap and a soft cloth, followed by a squeegee, will remove excess dirt; and a non-abrasive glass cleaner with a clean soft cloth for the final buff. It is strongly recommended to be considerate of the abrasion factor of the cleaners and tools used, with the possibility of permanent damage to the laminate coating and glass – these damages will not be covered under any VELUX® product warranty. A routine cleaning will prevent dirt build up and prevent utilization requirement of any abrasive products and/or tools (scrapers) for dirt build up removal. The interior panel frames may be cleaned with a cloth using mild soap and water solution.


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The company stands behind their products promising a “no leak” skylight, offering 10year warranty on the “Fresh Air” product line. Warranty exists for skylights, all electrical systems, and the sun screening accessories. It is advisable however to have all VELUX® products installed by a Certified VELUX® Installation Professional for quality, precision, and warranty coverage liability.



Warranty Summary


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