Beware! Shocking News about Roofing Shingles Manufacturer Warranties and Contractor Installations



As a potential replacement or new roof installation consumer, thinking of “roofing shingles warranty” it is imaginable, when a problem with the product occurs, costs will fully be reimbursed or repairs will be completed without an extra price tag – false! The September 2012, Vol. 54 No6, issue, of Construction Canada magazine, “Uncovering the Common Misconceptions of Roofing Shingles Warranties” (pg. 46), Jennifer Wanzel, discusses common existing warranty misconceptions with Steve Meltz, of Juffs Roofing Ltd. Meltz’s explanation, the average consumer is unaware of the limitations set by shingles manufacturers and limitations on honouring the product warranties. Consumers must beware of the  shocking news about roofing shingles manufacturer warranties and contractor installations.



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Straightforwardly, to validate warranties offered, shingles manufacturers are tremendously specific on their requirements in terms of product installation procedures,. Each manufacturer has, inconsistent to its competitor, detailed specifications and installation procedures guidelines, which must be obliged to for that particular warranty to be honoured. The fluctuating, between the competitive manufacturers and products, installation specifications include, but are not limited to, up to code roof and attic ventilation balance; specific surface installation procedures; shingle fastening in terms of locations, materials, and methods; as well as other supplementary installation instructions, which are manufacturer and warranty category specific; including, annual seasonal variations, environmental influences, global positioning, ownership, structure category, etc. The limitations extend to, what some might consider, an unimaginable, to the average home owner, list of details differentiating between manufacturers. It is strongly advisable to refer to the fine print of each warranty brochure and educate oneself of the installation requirements upon shingles investment. 


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Furthermore, misconceptions continue for the average consumer during sourcing and employment of roofing contractors. An oblivious trust is frequently given by the uninformed consumer to the contractor.   The common misconception, arising from the consumer’s unfamiliarity to the topic, is that the installation “specialists” are fully knowledgeable and adhere to the installation instruction requirements. As shocking as it may me, this not always the case, and contractors may be unqualified of the manufacturers’ installation specifications; or, unfortunately as the term “time is money” comes into effect, contractors may omit ‘unnoticeable’ procedurals for rapid job turnaround. The client, unaware of their unwarranted investment is at risk. It is a fact, there exists an innumerable roof and shingle installation contractors who will simply install a roofing system, shingles included; the roof will aesthetically be pleasing and serve its function as a ‘cover’ for a building structure, and (typically) it will not leak.  Upon installation completion the client will, up to their best ability, inspect the project with an approval based on the visual aesthetics. That home owner is thus unaware, that the significant installation procedural specifications, required for their shingle warranty coverage, were not met, thus voiding the warranty. Regretfully, should any future shingle damages occur, within the warranty period, it is solely the home owner who will be responsible for all affiliated costs upon repairs and/or replacements. Basically, it is an ‘unforeseen’ story, that consumers are often victims forced to cover pricey shingle replacements and repairs when roofing contractors are unaware of, neglect and/or ignore manufacturers’ installation requirements.




















From a ‘sitting on the sidelines’ point of view, it appears as though it is the consumer’s responsibility to know their roofing contractor’s installation process and verify it meets all of the roofing shingles manufacturer’s installation instructions for their investment to be warranted. When was the last time a banker, a nurse, or a grade 8 mathematics teacher was fully experienced and knowledgeable of an up-to-spec roof shingle installation process? Is the customer required to have a warranty brochure in hand and be seated next to the contractors while installation is in process? Humouring the idea, if this kind of inspection would remotely be possible, and the customer educated themselves to the point of recognizing all installation errors, and had the time to do so, why would one need to hire a contractor after all? Once again, it comes down to a trust issue, when hiring a contractor, consumers have no other alternative but to trust –  that the job will be done with precision and quality and without compromise on their investment. Therefore it is of tremendous importance to find a proper roof installation contractor who installs all roof counterparts correctly, and at minimum, meeting all, and perhaps surpassing the manufacturer’s guidelines. Statistically, for this reason alone, up to 90% of roofing contractors in Ontario are out of business within the initial five years.  


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In conclusion, before a large investment such as a roof replacement, installation, or repair has even begun, it is strongly advisable for the consumer, to take the time to research for an appropriate and quality roofing contractor; one who installs the roof and shingles properly and according to the manufacturers’ specific installation requirements. Food for thought, if the contractor cannot stand behind their work, and is incapable of warranting their labour, perhaps there is a reason. A reputable contractor should inevitably be able to offer their clients labour protection. Otherwise not only will it become an enormous financial burden for the end customer, but it is a potential disaster, especially when it is the roof of your family home.


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